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Use our GPS TRACKER JM – VL04 to optimize the management of your company vehicles by monitoring routes, driving styles, travel times, fuel consumption and much more.


Real Time Tracking

Real time tracking service in the USA, Mexico and Canada. Updates location every minute on straight road and on 20º turn


Geofences are geographical areas that you can set up to pay attention to. You can track the movement of units in and out of them.

Trip Histoy and Reports

The system records all movements of your units and stores them for 400 days. You can also get daily, weekly or monthly reports on your entire fleet or individual units.

Driving Alerts

You can set up alerts and notifications for unusual or dangerous events. You can receive alerts by text message, email or pop up.

Eco Driving

Determine the parameters you want to monitor and evaluate the impact they have on your vehicles. Get greater control over fuel expenditure, reduce repairs and vehicle failures, reduce fines, generate an efficient and safe driving.

Ignition Detection

Constant real time ACC ignition status from the vehicle

GPS Tracker JM - VL04 2022 for company vehicles or fleets.

Professional GPS Tracker, easy plug and play device, lifetime warranty if the device stops working. OBD Interface, Speaker, USB Port, SIM Card Slot. No battery needed. Self-installation. Real Time Tracking Service in USA, Mexico and Canada. Trip History, Driving Alerts, GeoFence, Extra feature: Eco Driving. 

Monthly Subscription required.

Price: $49.-

Price includes: Device and first three months of service.

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