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We provide geolocation solutions for monitoring your business fleets and commercial assets. Secure your vehicles and cargo today with GPS7000!

Monitor your fleet in real time from the desktop, mobile or tablet

Improve the efficiency in the management of your fleet and cargo, generate savings and avoid both theft and accidents.

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Our solutions

GPS Tracker JM - VL04 2022 for company vehicles or fleets.​

Professional GPS Tracker, easy plug and play device, lifetime warranty if the device stops working. OBD Interface, Speaker, USB Port, SIM Card Slot. No battery needed. Self-installation. Real Time Tracking Service in USA, Mexico and Canada. Trip History, Driving Alerts, GeoFence, Extra feature: Eco Driving. 


GPS Portable Tracker LL01 with Long Lasting Battery

Monitor and geolocate cargo, containers, cars and assets effectively and for long periods of time. Ultra-strong magnet that adheres to multiple metal surfaces. Programmed to issue alerts if it is removed or relocated. Extensive connectivity capabilities such as GPS LBS WiFi and Bluetooth. Coverage around the US, Mexico and Canada with all TELCOs. Easy to hide.

Fleet tracking coverage

Monitored Vehicles

Presence in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru and United States. 

Coverage in Canada and Mexico.

About us

GPS7000 was founded in 2010 with the aim of meeting a growing demand for a geolocation service for all types of vehicles.

We focus on providing a comprehensive monitoring service for units, personnel, drivers and cargo in companies of various sizes. 

Our mission is based on three axes:

Management improvement

Optimizing the productivity and logistics of companies.


The system allows real-time viewing of the activity of various company assets, knowing their location, movement, waiting times, among other variables.


Greater control of the units results in significant savings in fuel, spare parts, maintenance and working hours.

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